By Ridgeback13

Too much choice

A more sociable day. Started with a FaceTime chat with Mt and the little ones, back from their holiday with N&G. I was chatting to AR about how well her swimming has come on having been in the pool everyday and that she must be nearly a mermaid now, when suddenly from out of shot comes a little voice 'I'm not a mermaid though'....Mx has broken into speaking sentences since I spoke to him last! Gracious - I was bowled over - he's not 2 til next month so very different to AR's development!
After doing some commenting on J's thesis draft I set off to lunch with M&O and their kids. Delicious big roast and pavlova...lovely to be cooked for!
Interesting to look around the house they spent so long doing up and talk light fittings, flooring and wall colours with others who are as obsessed as me! They gave me a huge set of sample colours to take home and help me choose paints.....why on earth are there so many blues and greys though?!
Raining by the time I left so I hopped on the bus to Usher Hall to see a Russian/UK orchestra of young people put together to celebrate Britten and Shostakovich's collaborations during the Cold War. It was a vey populist programme (Peter Grimes, Lark ascending, Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, and 1812 Overture) but they played beautifully and we enjoyed picking out various characters on percussion, double bass, harp and trombone at various points throughout.
Home on the bus again in steady drizzle - what a change from yesterday - then some reading in prep for tomorrow and a quiet evening.

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