Hebridean beach

After I posted my blip last night I was sitting watching TV and heard an odd noise - there was a fairly big leak coming in through the ceiling of the sitting room....oh dear! Set out the towels and buckets and contacted the landlady - I'm glad I don't have to deal with a complex roof problem here on top of everything else!
Very busy day at work, but meetings not wholly satisfactory (especially trekking out to another campus for a long awaited meeting of 5 institutions, only to find on arrival that 2 people hadn't turned up. Hassle with parking at both ends and navigating the building/campus so I could have done without all that!)
At the end of the day I popped into the flat and found that the bathroom tiles had all arrived - and we're one step nearer my desired effect (you should have seen the guy's face in the tile shop when I said I wanted to create a 'Hebridean beach'!). The pebbles will be on the floor and inset in the shelf area in the shower, the 'sand' colour tiles (which look greyer here than in real life) will be on the walls. Just need to sort the grout colour and then we'll be making progress (but yet another colour decision - argh!).
The kitchen has all been delivered too - stacked so densely in the kitchen I don't know how they'll get in to start assembling it!
Home feeling very weary and a bit down...and its only Monday.

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