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The horrible medical saga continues. 
I had to fly to Munich today (this means last Friday as I am posting late - on Tuesday) - Himself came with me.

All going well until we headed back into the airport mid afternoon - he felt dizzy and wobbly so I grabbed a wheelchair to go to the boarding gate.  At the gate he completely lost consciousness and the airport doctor/paramedics were called - to make a long story shorter he ended up in the Klinikum Freising on all kinds of machines having all kinds of tests.  By this time he was talking and fairly compos mentis although a little confused as to what happened - said the last he remembered was walking into the airport main door.
It is thought he had a stroke/TIA ....... 

I managed to get a hotel along the road (thank you to the Marriott Hotel Freising for finding me a room for two nights despite the Oktoberfest being on and also for giving me a really good rate when they found out what had happened!). 
I spent the rest of the evening in the ward with him.  
He has some intermittent numbness in his right hand/arm but it usually only lasts about 15 minutes.  Rather odd.

He was discharged late Saturday evening and advised to see our GP.  I managed to get our tickets changed from Friday to Sunday (another thank you - for Lufthansa this time - no charge to change!!) but had a little tussle with them about him being fit to fly - as the paperwork didn't say he WASN'T fit to fly I managed to cajole and persuade them to let us go.   We eventually got home late Sunday evening. 
The kennels kept Mister Whisper for the extra days and Heathrow airport only charged us for one extra day in the Business parking rather than all the time we were overdue - thank you to them also.

All very stressful for us both though.

Down to the GP surgery Monday morning as instructed - the doc we saw is very risk averse and Himself is now back in hospital in Boston Pilgrim - not my first choice to be honest but his consultant is the top man there so he is in good hands.

As we were only supposed to be away in Germany for around five hours we took nothing with us - no change of clothes, toiletries, no phone charger, no laptop etc. etc.  ........... lesson learned: always take at least a charger!

So .............. we now await the results of whatever tests they give him today ........ he's feeling very down but puts on a brave face - he's not the kind of man to show his feelings or talk about them but I can tell.

I grabbed the roses blip opposite the hotel and in the extra is the view from my room of the hospital (rubbish photo with lots of reflections) - can't quite see exactly where Himself was but at least I was close by.

Bigger is prettier - for the roses at least :o))

I am now waaaaaaaay behind again and I was doing so well - aaargh!

~ Anni ~

It seems that this is my 3000 blip milestone - at least the photo is pretty decent even if the day's events were not ............

Backblipped five days late on Tuesday 24 September 2019

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