59 and a bit more

By 59


We went for a walk today. I took a plastic bag ( recycled one from the grocery store which are now banned) and collected all this rubbish in about 200 metres.

Afterwards we went to Bunnings where I bought some shade loving perennials for a new garden bed where we took out a pine tree and box hedge plant. I planted them all then picked up the kids from school.

That was my day in a nutshell. Now I’m in bed and thought “crickey I haven’t done a blip” so here is my rubbish. I took the photo to show Leo (8) who is an “end plastic” crusader. He thinks all plastic should be banned so we had a chat about recycling and useful plastic in the mix. I don’t know how so many straws seem to end up along the paths. Cigarette butts were plentiful as well. Grrr

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