By soozaday

Annie Doesnt Live Here Any More

We’ve parked in front of this place for years when we walk on the cliffs several times a week. It’s been looking unloved for awhile, but still appeared to be a good solid old-fashioned house on a big lot, half a block from the ocean. Location, location, location. Last week I noticed a tall chain link fence go up, and the garage go down. Today there were a few bites taken out of the house itself. What gets to me is the window on the right—the blinds are still there, looking like broken teeth. 

I spoke to the workmen for a bit. There will be two houses built here. I’m sure they will be big things, squatting close together on the property, which seems to be the style anymore around here. Pseudo-Victorian is a favorite look. It sure won’t be affordable housing. The bulldozer guy said they couldn’t find anyone to take the roof tiles. There’s an old mahogany door, hardwood floors, lots of good solid redwood. 

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