By amandoAlentejo

Serious Business

Picked the grandkids up from school and nursery, and walked to the ice-cream parlour, for some excellent ice-cream, and a relax with their Mum. Still loads to do, but ice-cream (and grandchildren) are important. So grateful the heavy rain stopped while we walked there, though totally loving seeing rain again.

Mostly packing up the kitchen, but also washing curtains, moving furniture, and cleaning cupboards.

- the heartening unanimous decision by the supreme court that the prime minister can't just do whatever he wants. I have two new heros: Lady Hale (and her spider - get the T shirt here) and Gina Miller.
As of a few minutes ago, add Nancy Pelosi to that list!!
- Sam coming to help Mike put heavy boxes in the attic
- going out to eat at G & H's, can't wait!

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