Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

Lines and Birds

The starlings were congregating on the telegraph wire which is opposite our house. This was my morning view through the bedroom window.

The bird feeder , which ian repositioned on sunday has not had any visitors until today. The first feeders were a flock of starlings , followed by blue tits , coal tits and a robin. At last they have found their way.

My daughter Claire arrived this afternoon , with an hour's delay on one train and a train taken out of service , she was only an hour late arriving.

Her brother came over to see her and it has been a very loud and lively afternoon/early evening with their very animated conversation . Ella, my Granddaughter has a bad cold and her mother has a throat infection, so they couldn't come along as I am auto immune and cannot risk picking up an infection . That was of course, a disappointment.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I took another step in my journey - I have begun driving again. My Freelander is a big car but I handled it with ease. Phew . I havent driven since April, so I'm pleased all was okay.

It has been very rainy today and it's the third day I havent ventured into the garden . Tomorrow I will make amends.

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