Plus ça change...

By SooB


Must be a while since the last late night bunny desperation blip, so here's one.

Too early a start for the airport run, after a mostly sleepless night (snoring, sinuses, and a podcast that was more interesting than it ought to have been). And on my return CarbBoy had an interesting series of questions on sewing, prompting a 7am sneezy lesson sewing up a tea towel (Erasmus project - related to his question late last night about whether we have a broom he could take to Turkey.)

Later, after a nap that could probably be called a collapse, much work of the head hurting variety. Some of what I do is admin or bog standard contractual amendments - but occasionally proper drafting or brain work comes along. Both arrived today and we're not welcomed!

Regardless, work was put to one side at 11.30 am my time to watch a proper lawyer do a proper good job. Masterful work, Lady Hale, and I have brooch envy too.

Later later, meeting at the school, where it seems that local gossip that Mr B says I'll be on the school committee until my grandchildren are in the primary school (my youngest having left four years ago) undermined my efforts to say I will serve 'just one more year'.

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