Some Swanny Day!

I thought I would go into town early today to get a Blip and look for some individual size casserole dishes that will also fit things like lasagne. No-one in town has them that I could find, though I got some foil ones that will do the job for now. They have the advantage of being freezable if need be. 

We have very different schedules in our house, and it's not always convenient to eat together. Also Jae is vegetarian so his needs to be prepared and cooked in different pans etc. anyway.

My Blip is of a swan on the river - not very original I know...

I have had a text to confirm that my passport will arrive very shortly! It may have been a pain in the arse getting into the system, but once in, things moved pretty quickly!

I've included an extra of the moth I blipped yesterday,  taken by Brian. He managed to identify it as a Large Ranunculus. He also identified himself as able to take much better photos than I can!

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