Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Caught in a trap!

Wednesday 25th September 2019           (backblip)

Spotted this in the garden ...... it did look strange as with the poor light the spider web was not visible! The web is there even though you can't see it! Do hope you like it :-)

Quite a full day!

The chap came about the garage door ....... all ordered just got to wait for it to arrive & then he'll fit it & we can use the garage again! Hopefully 2 or 3 weeks ..... fingers crossed!

Next it was off to the supermarket for our weekly shop .... just ours to do now as Mum is with my sister .... got done fairly quickly ...... unfortunately the exit was queued back as they were shunting a goods train .... so that took a bit longer than we'd hoped! :-)

Then off to the flat to give it a good clean ready to hand over ....... that took us about two & a half hours ..... so by the time we finally got finished & got back home it was 6.30pm ....... I was well ready for a sit down by then! Thankfully that's all finished now!

With any luck life will slow down a bit now & I might even manage to get some of my own jobs done!

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