By Kipsie

From thorny beginnings

hopefully...... These spent rose blooms caught my eye in Yogi's garden this morning. It was a horrid start, just as we were about to leave for our morning bimble, the rain lashed down, fortunately it did'nt last long so we headed down to Hearn field. After yesterdays pongy  episode I took the executive decision of staying clear of the estuary. We returned relatively clean, & smelling ... just a wee bit doggy. Perfect! The bedding & towels I put in the machine before I left were near the end of the cycle. Got them sorted. Packed my stuff, food, & clothes into the car. Cleaned & vacuumed through the few rooms I'd used while here for the couple of days. Yogi was still wanting to play fetch ... argh!!! The magnolia I hard pruned yesterday still needed a couple of snips. The leader for one .... I was a tad hesitant but sent an update of my pruning to Tim, an ex work colleague ..."Chop or not?" .. the reply "Chop!" Chop I did.  I think J&K will be a little shocked when they see it but it has to be done to make a decent shape. Pruned a few of the bush roses before the skies emptied again, these cuttings will be coming home with me. Fingers crossed I can get some to take. I can't remember the colour of this particular rose so hope I like it. I love it when it's  blooms have dropped anyway. I also picked up some windfall apples. They are huge, rotting away in the grass. Such a shame they pulp beautifully. I'm gradually working my way through the first jar of apple & blackberry jelly on my breakfast so will probably make more. I've no room in my freezer, it's full of runner beans.
Lunch time ... I had two pot/beet/car fritters in the fridge from last night. Could'nt remember how to use the microwave. Remembered seeing the Post It instructions from the first time I looked after Yogi, but where?. In the drawer. Phew! Hot fritters with garlic mayo. Start loading some photos on a FB album when Jim arrived. Earlier than I expected. Yogi was very happy :). I loaded my wellies etc. & off I went. A quick stop at Morrison's for a few bits, then home. Herbaceous perennials £3 for 2 plants. They looked really fresh & healthy. Well it would have rude not to .. lol!! 
Devilled lambs kidneys, with homegrown Charlotte potatoes, & runner beans tonight. I shall definitely plant a late crop of White lady runner beans, they are still cropping really well, the larger/fatter beans still tender enough to slice. The spent beans, a great salvage from last Autumns garden waste heap. I would not have grown White Lady otherwise.

Thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting

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