By FlyingPRGal

Turner Prize 2019

Modern art has never really been my thing. I’m more a classical portraits kinda gal. Give me a Holbein any day. So when I received an invitation to attend the Turner Prize 2019 exhibition VIP opening [on behalf of the Kent Film Office] I was filled with trepidation and expectation.

I went along this evening to the Turner Contemporary gallery with an open mind. As I viewed the exhibits I found myself puzzled, enthralled, intrigued, repelled, bored, entertained, inspired and confused. Certain elements I found clever and thought provoking. Others I simply didn’t understand - even with the narrative.

It was a new experience and got me thinking. But I am not rushing off to the Tate Modern anytime soon. Give me the V&A or National Portrait Gallery any day. Call me old fashioned, I don’t care!

Footnote - Copyright of installation photography approved for social media (I checked)

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