By tridral


Gwregys ~ Belt

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Heddiw parheais i gyda gweithio ar fy ngwregys.  Rydw i'n gwnïo’r cordiau lliwgar ar hyd darn y gwregys.  

Rydyn ni'n nawr paratoi am ein taith i Nepal a Bhutan, ffeindio popeth ein bod ni angen, newid arian, ayyb. Dim ond wythnos nawr.

————— ————— ————— ————— ————— ————— —————

Today I continued with working on my belt. I'm sewing the colourful cords along the length of the belt.

We are now preparing for our trip to Nepal and Bhutan, finding everything we need, changing money, etc. Only a week now.

————— ————— ————— ————— ————— ————— —————

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