Pride in the park

A fairly steady day today again the weather was not the best. 1st off a couple of jobs done around the house then a trip to the local park. Lincoln Pride was been held there this year. I went and took a few shots this morning before lunch and then went and picked Julie up from her parents . Once home I then went back to take more photos.
A very bright colourful display was put on . As you can see from this shot the rain was falling . The entertaining on stage in this shot is Dene Michael from black lace fame. Yes he did sing Aggado and also got the crowd doing the conga see extra .
I spent a lot of the time sheltering under the trees trying to keep dry. More shots can be seen On flickr .

Back home now chilling for a while and then I'm popping down the local for a few beers as they have a local band on who i am interested in checking out.

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