2nd Sat Strollers

By AndrewDBurns

‘A Daurk Maiter’

Was over in Motherwell yesterday evening - at the North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre - to see a performance of a play by Martin Travers and performed by students from New College, Lanarkshire ...

... ‘A Daurk Maiter’ is written in Scots and focuses on nineteenth century poets in Lanarkshire - set against the looming shadow of the Udston Mining Disaster in Hamilton in 1887; and at its heart is the blossoming  but doomed love affair between working class poets Rose Ellen Ballantyne and Charlie Carmichael.

It was a really wonderful production, and all-credit to the student performers, who really brought the story to life :-)

The snap (apologies for the lack of good focus!)  is of an Airdrie poem that was on display in the Heritage Centre - reminded me of an earlier poetry collection I bought a few years ago!

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