By Kipsie

About this cultivar:

 Achillea filipendulina 'Cloth of Gold' is a very tall Achillea. Too tall for where Jean planted it. She bought it in Poundland, a 9cm pot  herbaceous perennial,  where she often finds plants for their garden. It's doing exceedingly  well in the barely 1' deep border, but once it's finished performing we're going to move it to a more suitable spot.  I was doing a bit of deadheading threw these  2 Achillea heads in the bucket, then noticed the wonderful patterns on the underside of the blooms. Gardening always takes longer than perhaps planned, so many distractions. Hubby does'nt understand .. he's not a gardener .... love him! :)
A dull start to the day, I was planning to do some indoor jobs, bit of tidying, first job though, pod the borlotti beans, they're not drying, some for dinner tonight with the braised oxtail, the rest in the freezer.  Then I prepared the rest of today's veg, all the fresh veg waste can go up to the compost heap later. I've got a wheelbarrow and a rather large Azalea to collect from Bayz's garden. He was taking  all the remaining plants & pots to the tip, it would have been such a pity for that plant to go to the tip. I had to rescue it. I met hubby at the house, Andy a friend and neighbour has a new car, got it yesterday. A rather swanky Tesla, it's big, it's all electric.. I did'nt go for a guest drive ...all that technology is very scary. No knobs, no dials, no dashboard, just a computer screen. Fab sound quality from the stereo system or whatever you call it. Hubby went.  Andy lifted the plant into the back of my car, it just squeezed in, the wheelbarrow in hubbys.  The azalea is living up at the allotment for now.  Picked yet more courgettes ..
We met up in the pub for a drink a bit later.
Braised oxtail with borlotti beans for dinner. Yummy!

Did'nt get much tidying done indoors.

Thanks as always to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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