On the turn

It has stopped raining finally though the ground is very wet and it is still very overcast. As it stopped raining we took Cosmo for a walk at Hazlehead park.

Here we are in the path of sculptures. No idea what this sculpture is supposed to represent, if anything. It did not attract any attention from Cosmo. Fortunately the work representing Rodin's "Thinker" has been moved. It is now in a corner and is barely noticeable. Cosmo didn't notice it anyway. This is just as well as for some reason she really does not like it, and barks furiously at the sculpture any time she sees it.

It was too cold to stop for a coffee at the cafe. Cosmo has to stay outside and it was not the weather for sitting on the terrace. The leaves are starting to turn, a sign (apart from the weather) that autumn is on the way.

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