By flavia13


A day spent indoors.   Cold still lingering but is there (annoyingly) but hey they always appear at inconvenient times don't they.

I may try to venture out tomorrow for just a short while but not too far as it will be G's last day - until end of November that is.  

He agreed to pose for me so I could  practice a bit of portrait photography.  Trying to make it a little different so that's why it's such a close up. He tried many faces, he's  good at those,  I liked this one.

Must pop into the chemist tomorrow to see if I can get some Echinacea for the cold.  The bruises are going, nice yellow and purple colours now.  Still neck and forehead pains though so am taking it  steady.   

Thanks for dropping by.  See you all tomorrow.  Take care.

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