La Saône

We've liked Vichy, it's a nice city. Today we travelled down to Fleurieu-sur-Saône, which is on the outskirts of Lyon. We are staying at Fleurieu with Frances, Fraser and our grandsons, Hamish and Henry, for a few days before the wedding of Marian's nephew, which is the reason behind our travels. 

While we were waiting for the owner of the house to arrive I walked down to the river which is only a hundred metres from where we're staying. As you can see it's fairly wide here and it merges into the Rhone a few miles further on. My main blip is of the river and I've added an extra of the house that we're staying in. It's rather smart!

Frances and Fraser flew in to Geneva a few days ago and have been staying at a friend in Annecy. They joined us soon after we arrived and we've enjoyed a nice home-made supper on the terrace.

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