By strawhouse

At the Arcade

Archie finally seemed back to himself today so for the first time since Saturday I took him out for a walk.
As the forecast was for thirty eight degrees today I took him out at 6.30am. A first for me!!
He was a bit surprised!
Not as surprised as I was when Miss L announced she wanted to come with me!! 
By 7am she was swinging on a gate and it was already over twenty five degrees!!
It was like Piccadilly Circus on the normally quiet walk. Everybody had the same idea to get out before it got too hot.
And Archie seemed fine which was a relief.
I didn't want another day in the house so we decided to head over to the arcade in Milton Keynes. And when I say we I do, of course, mean the Little Misses!
They had fun. I had a cup of tea from Starbucks!! 
Then it was to Subway for lunch. Miss L was giddy to discover that they had gluten free bread and she could have an Italian BMT for the first time ever. She pronounced it delicious.
We had a lazy afternoon at home. It's lovely and cool downstairs so you can forget about the raging inferno outside. 
I drove down to the post office at 5pm and it was still thirty eight degrees. Uugghh!!!
Mr K got home at about 11pm and when we went upstairs we were delighted to discover that the heating had been on up there. Lovely!!

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