By strawhouse

New Shoes

Miss E tried on a pair of my wedges the other day and LOVED them. They're a size too big and I feared for her ankles as she teetered around.
As I'm spending pretty much every waking moment on eBay searching for goodies for the Little Misses and me, it didn't take long to find these for her.
I bought them on Monday for the bargain price of £5 and they arrived today. To say Miss E is pleased with them would be a monumental understatement!!!!! She looks amazingly grown up in them!
In other news it's thirteen years to the day since Mr K first came into my life. 
I wrote about it here a few years ago. The day my life changed unimaginably!!
With him being away in the week at the moment he had to make do with the virtual wink I sent him today. The first two weeks of our relationship were spent emailing each other. Getting to know each other and falling in love. And for the last thirteen years there have been thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, more emails, messages and texts.
It's the reason I can Blip three months after the event!!

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