Twelve Years

Twelve years ago today Mr K got a message on his computer that changed both of our lives.
See extras for the photo Mr K sent me today. When I reminded him it was our anniversary!!
I'm always struck by the fact that we can pinpoint the precise moment our lives changed. The exact instant I clicked the mouse and sent the message!
I can only think of three other moments like that in my life - two positive pregnancy tests (we've been lucky and I never had a negative one!!) and the phone call in the early hours of New Year's Day 1997 saying I had to get to the hospital in Brighton where my brother, Mr D, was unlikely to last the night following a massive stroke.
All life changing moments.
My Blip of a couple of years ago is one of my favourites. It sums up our relationship brilliantly - being silly and making each other laugh. 
In a posh hotel!!! 
And I still can't beat that write up so it seems pointless to try!
When I look at the message he received on that Monday afternoon telling him that I had winked at him (rather than 15 million others apparently!!) it seems hard to image that it was so long ago. I was only 32!!! And Mr K was still in his twenties. He just scraped into my search criteria!!
The first line of my profile read: I have a very sunny outlook. I can't see the point of looking at anything other than the bright side. 
Twelve years on I think that still holds true. 
Otherwise my Blip would be one long whingy, depressing moan about how shit my life is and how I'd like nothing better than to jump on a plane to Thailand and escape it all. 
It's always best to look on the bright side!!
So thank you to Tim Berners-Lee and and, most importantly, Mr K for winking back.

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