Camping in the Garden

This is the only photo I took today. From my lovely warm bed at 8am this morning. My entire family is down in that tent!!
Apparently everyone slept very well!!
The fact I only took one photo generally means we didn't do very much!!
We may have still been in our jim-jams when Mr K got home from work!!
I booked a night's camping in Southwold for just me and the Little Misses in a couple of weeks which I'm very excited about!!
It is eleven years today since I winked at Mr K on and set us on a journey that saw him sleeping in a tent in the garden with our children last night. As I've said before a life changing click of the mouse!!
Looking at last year's anniversary Blip made me giggle. Mr K and I are very good at being being silly!!
He's in the tent again tonight with our lovely daughters. I've told them it'll have to come down tomorrow as Daddy can't sleep outside every night of the holidays.
Thankfully no-one pointed out that perhaps Mummy could take a turn!!!

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