Blowing Up the Tent

I was just about to leave to collect Miss E from her sleepover this morning when I had a text from Miss M's mum asking if it was OK if I went at 1pm so that Miss E could go to the shopping centre with them. Fine by me!!
When I did eventually collect her she was full excitement from last night telling me all about their games and spectacular Minecraft creations. 
She was also pretty tired - they were still up at 1am apparently!!
Very sweetly she FaceTimed me last night to say goodnight and this morning at 8am to say good morning. Long may it last that she still thinks of Mummy on a sleepover!
On the way home we went food shopping in Aldi. It was Miss E's first experience of Aldi and it was quite funny watching her try to pay for a trolley which she's never done before! I'd given her the 20 cent coin that I keep for the purpose and she came back saying it had to be £1 or €1. I told her the 20 cent worked too and to go back. Eventually she figured it out!!
After a traditional Sunday dinner of ham, egg and chips it was time to put the tent up in the garden.
Goodness me it was easy!! Particularly as I just sat and watched Mr K and the Little Misses do it!!
They pegged it out and pumped it up in about ten minutes. 
The bedroom's already attached inside so there really is nothing more to it. Just brilliant!!
The Little Misses were soon snuggled up in their sleeping bags and blankets and Mr K was under strict instructions to stay away until they were asleep. 
He was happy to oblige!
We watched The Hunger Games and then Mr K headed out into the garden (fairly reluctantly!!!) and I headed up to bed.
It was odd coming up on my own and knowing I was the only person in the house!
Hopefully they'll all sleep well!

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