Mr K drove to work this morning and dropped the Little Misses off at my mum and dad's on his way.
They had to go there as I was working this morning, covering classes in Aylesbury. It was a bit of a shock getting back into work mode having most definitely got into holiday mode but it was fun. Lots of hot toddlers running around!!
When I got home mum was here with the Little Misses. They were tucking into hot-dogs and prawn cocktail crisps. Lunch of the Gods!
Mum stayed for a few hours and we sat in the garden chatting. Too bloody hot but very nice!!
Once she left I carried on tidying up and nagging at the Little Misses to tidy up.
At 6pm Miss E asked could they go out for a roller skate ride. I was sick of tidying so I said yes! They skated for miles and then had half an hour in the park. Barefoot obviously because you can't do the monkey bars in skates (see extras).
I checked my bank balance this morning and was surprised to see a cheque gone out for £180. I haven't written any cheques lately.
A little investigation revealed that it was a cheque I had given to Miss E's school on April for her residential trip.
It must have fallen down the back of the filing cabinet!
So annoying.

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