The View from the Tent

Today started off well with my usual Saturday lie in while Mr K took the Little Misses to swimming.
It went a bit downhill when they came home earlier than usual and Miss E was feeling particularly pissy and within minutes we were shouting at each other. Sigh.
I told Miss L to get in the car and stormed out after her to take her to Harris + Hole which she was upset that she'd missed earlier. I had a lovely time with Miss L. She was so sweet and happy and cheerful and eager to make me cheerful. The polar opposite of her sister this morning!!
Her chocolate brownie, packet of crisps and strawberry and banana milkshake made her even more cheerful!!
We went home to a contrite Miss E and had a few hours pottering before I headed over to Milton Keynes to drop Miss E off for a sleepover at Miss M's house. 
From there I went to Decathlon to buy a little tent for me to be able to take the Little Misses camping without a) Mr K and b) the biggest tent on the campsite which takes hours to put up and take down when we're both doing it and would be impossible on my own.
I am now the proud owner of a fabulous little inflatable tent. I can carry it over my shoulder, pump it up in five minutes and be comfy in it with the Little Misses and Archie and even Mr K for some trips because it's a 4-man tent that actually sleeps four! 
I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw it in the shop - and got in it and had a lie down on the double airbed inside!! It's like a Tardis - quite small from the outside but massive inside. Perfect!! 
I've promised the Little Misses we will put it up in the garden and they can sleep out in it.
Blimey, they're excited about it!!!!

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