Messing About in the River

We had a lovely day today with Mrs C and Mrs R in the park. And obviously Mr L, Mr R, Miss M, Mr H and Mr C!
It's been ages since we've all got together and it was lovely to catch up.
We bagged a picnic bench as soon as we arrived and along with tea from my trusty flask we had sausages, millionaires shortbread, crisps, cheese sticks and bananas. Delicious!!
There was a bit of playing in the park, quite a lot of Pokemon hunting and then they discovered the fish and crayfish in the river!! Well, Miss E and Mr L discovered the river and made friends with some other kids with fishing nets and buckets.
Mr R and Miss L were a bit put out that they weren't allowed near the river. Due to the fairly high probability that one or both of them would have fallen in!!
Obviously we were far too busy chatting and drinking tea to keep a proper eye on them!!
Eventually of course Miss E and Mr L ended up in the river more or less fully clothed but surprisingly managed not to get too wet!
Their friends with the nets had caught quite a few minnows and when they left they tipped them into Miss E's M&S Free From Millionaires shortbread tub and tuppaware container buckets. They were giddy to have them!
When the others had left and it was just us Miss L got into the water too and they spent about an hour trying to catch more fish! It was hilarious watching Miss L trying to herd the fish towards Miss E's homemade fishing net. A net she'd found and tied to a stick with a willow branch. She's like a junior Bear Grylls!!!
Eventually I dragged them away as it was time to get over to Bicester for Fat Club. One and a half pounds off and my half stone award. Whoop whoop!!!
Spiced buns all round to celebrate!!

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