Último dia

A day to enjoy the atmosphere of Rio before the holiday ends tomorrow. We went back to Parque Lage, as it had been a highlight, to have a coffee and juice in these surroundings. The queue of narcissists lining up to pose in front of this scene was now so vast that barriers had been erected to manage it. I cannot understand the desire and the hordes would have soured the milk in my cappuccino if it had ever arrived. Perhaps the barista was stuck in the selfie line.

Brazil has treated us kindly in everything except blue skies, and perhaps narcissism. Today was no different with white/grey clouds the entire day, reminiscent of cool autumn days in the Fens. Undeterred we ambled and bumbled all afternoon around Ipanema, enjoying the sweeping views and buying some unoriginal tourist wares. I think I’ve done medium well to come away from this trip with only a few extra singlets, necklaces and a pair of white Havaianas.

A user called expert_in_forex_trading in Portland, Oregon started following me on Instagram today. It seems a highly unlikely match and I doubt I’ll be glued to their posts.

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