By Veronica

Back to earth

Our return to reality is backblipped. Today's first job (after the unpacking and two loads of washing): to Narbonne for a bone scan, insisted on by the orthopaedic surgeon. I only blipped the chairs in the waiting room because they reminded me of the purple chairs in Ronda. Perhaps I should start a waiting room series.

The doctor told me I don't have osteoporosis. Good news! Then he said my bones were in fact too solid. What?? "Maybe you've got compressed vertebrae." Well, I'm not going for an MRI scan on the off chance that I might, when I have zero problems with my back.

Afterwards I went to B's for a catchup, before stopping for a "quick " bit of shopping in Grand Frais. Not sure I'll be going there again. They had two checkouts open, each with a queue of a dozen people. I stood there for 25 minutes ... I think the woman who paid for 100 euros' worth of loose vegetables with 15 luncheon vouchers should have apologised to the rest of the queue. And the woman who'd mingled an assortment of differently priced items in a single plastic bag should have apologised to the harassed checkout operator.

Still, eventually I was home, an hour or so later than expected, for a homely apero with S (and still randomly purring Mystère).

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