By Veronica


The remains of the grapes after pressing. Nothing is wasted; the marc is carted off in lorries to make alcohol, and the remains from that become fertiliser. Alternative industrial architecture in extras.

I was in Fabrezan for the second medical appointment of the week, the dentist this time. Perhaps fortunately, at my last appointment I'd misunderstood what he was going to do this time. I thought it was a filling, but in fact he made two temporary caps. I think he used every tool in his box, ranging from delicate little scrapers to something like a pneumatic drill, and finally one that played a tune on the bones in my head ... bizarre. 

He is a perfectionist; I lost count of the times he took the caps out to refine them further. Staggering out afterwards, I looked at my watch to see it had taken an hour and a quarter. I just had the energy to wander up to the cave cooperative for a blip before returning home and lying down on the sofa with a glass of wine. Still, all done till March now.

Edit: tagging for Hobbs' October Colour Blitz, OCB19. Yesterday's blip might have been better for that, but it was still September :)

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