By dogwithnobrain

Every move you make

Today is Jessica’s birthday.

Jessica is Stevie’s Beau - Stevie Aka Boy.

We have just had an amazingly funny call from them....

It’s three in the morning in Beijing they have been out celebrating - and staying clear of National day in Tiananmen Square - foreign nationals not allowed

Jessica showed us her nostrils and her eyeballs and her teeth. You get how much they had been celebrating!

They are both croaking - they say as a result of the poor air conditions (I’m not sure they haven’t been karaoke’ing).

Stevie wanted to talk to his da. Tell him he was missing him ... shouted abuse at his poor wee sister.

And Jessica wanted to know if she was ‘the favourite child - cause she is the youngest.

We watched them try and tell a Chinese Lady they didn’t want to buy roses and Jessica danced for a while in the street . Then she got sleepy.

But she held up her phone and showed me her screen saver - the beach. So tonight for Jessica’s birthday; So many miles away from her family and us - I give you ‘beautiful beach at sunset’

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