By dogwithnobrain

Reflections of The Way Life Used to Be

I took time this morning. 

I drove through the sunshine, and the bitter cold.  

I went to the harbour and watched the sleepy seal spinning slowly in the water, and watched the reflections ripple over the water. 

I noticed that the Papermill had done a wee refresh on the building - all lovely fresh red paint - and painted boards in the boarded up windows. 

At the sea side of the harbour  - more seals were dozing on the rocks, while Cormorants and Gulls flapped lazily around them 

The air was very still and very cold - but I wanted to take the time - because in the office we are so busy -I knew I'd be lucky to get out again. 

At 5.30 I did get up and shoot out the office and I ran and grabbed Himself and Toolie and we ran up to the allotment  - Tooli picked another basket of raspberries and i checked that the Bad Rabbit hadn't eaten my parsnips. 

We were gonna walk home but the lure of Mac & Cheese was too great. 

And tonight.... We've put the heating on. 


A Month and A Half Early. 

Does This mean I'm old? 

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