By Ronniebofa

Allotment in late autumn

After morning yoga class at Peak it was home to give grass it’s final cut and feed for the season. It was then an afternoon in the allotments where environmesh was removed from raised bed and stored for winter. The harvested area was weeded, forked over and cultivated before sowing with a green manure mix of mustard and red clover seed. The green manure that was sown in the area where the potatoes were harvested has now thickly emerged supressing any weed growth and locking in nutrients over the winter. Sweet pea seed were harvested and daisy and foxglove plants, being grown for transplanting into allotment borders, were weeded. The last of the sunflowers are looking good in the sunshine.
Oh yes and thanks to the individual(s) who speared my biggest pumpkin between 5pm last night and midday today with two metal stakes - I was wondering how to harvest it and get it home. Now the decision is made: it will be cut into liftable portions[ using the stake damaged areas as markers for the cuts.

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