Tiny Tuesday ....

Care for a tiny spot of tea?

What a day I had!

It started with an early doctor's appointment and whilst I was at the hospital I had some blood drawn for blood work.  And then a quick stop at the pharmacy. 

I was home from these errands around 10:00 am where I drank a protein shake because my day was just starting.  At home I released the monarch butterfly that had eclosed yesterday .... another male .... released in the memory of my friend Nick.

I had some Kohl's cash that was expiring today so that was the next thing on my to do list.  I also stopped at Walmart to see if they could do a quick oil change in the Honda.  The wait was going to be more than 2 hours so I didn't have that done.  I called the dealership where we had bought the Honda but they wouldn't be able to get it in before next week .... which is too late as we will be in Virginia.   R is going to try to change it tonight. 

I made another quick stop at the grocery store on my way home to pick up a few things for tonight's supper.  

When I returned home I set about getting my blip.  R had bought this tiny Seattle Seahawks mug for me a couple of months ago and I put it out for the chipmunks today.  This chippy comes from the front of the house .... multiple times a day .... to see what I have to offer!  He loves the peanuts and is busy stocking his larder for his winter hibernation.  He also gets sunflower & safflower seeds! 

It was a busy day with lots of driving around and lots of stops but now I'm home for the night!

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