Mono Monday: Week 297 .....

.... Relaxing.

One of our three remaining Monarch butterflies eclosed today.  Two to go ....

Since the weather wasn't nearly as nice as yesterday I will release this beautiful male tomorrow (Tuesday).  I'm hoping that another will emerge in the morning so I can release them together .... safety in numbers as they make their way to Mexico.  

You can see one of the other chrysalids in the extra tucked behind the newly emerged butterfly.  This new butterfly is relaxing after working hard to emerge from his chrysalis  And in my main picture he is relaxing on my hand.  When I release this monarch tomorrow he will be released in memory of my friend Nick who passed away just two weeks ago.  

BTW: You can tell this is a male by  two highly visable black spots on his hind wings.  They also have thinner black webbing within the wings. 

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