I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... wildlife collage.

I was still busy doing things around the house getting ready for our vacation ... but I took a few minutes rest to sit on the deck after lunch.

It was lovely weather and the sun felt great.  I had taken out some peanuts like I normally do and the wildlife loved it.  As did I.  To the best of my knowledge I believe the bird in the large photo (left) is an immature Chipping Sparrow.  They usually come back to our area this time of year. We are still seeing the catbirds (not pictured here) but they will soon be on their way south. And we haven't seen any hummingbirds in quite a few days.  Sigh. 

I was surprised today by a phone call from a friend that I hadn't talked to for a while.  We talked for almost an hour ... it was great catching up with her.  We plan on getting together soon ... after my vacation of course.  She recently lost her last cat so she needs a ginger cat fix!  Cheddar will cheer her up I'm sure. 

Well ... I guess that just about wraps up September!

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