A piece of Sunshine. BCAM1

It's was very cold heading off to work this morning. These beautiful flowers arrived for my daughter from Her friends in Australia she is still unwell bless her and I understand as painful as it is that Justice system has let her down, and her physical and mental well being on top of everything that has happened to her. She is talking about emigrating to Australia.
She is fragile and very low at the moment and it appalls me as a mother that an innocent person is left and that the police enquiry meant the perpetrator reinstated in her hospital because he lied.. The A+E team also shocked but how can she heal when this person is there in front of her. She never knew him.
So we try and pursue independent police complaints a process and meantime help her get back to work yet again but this is a very different space now.

As a mum you always believe and hope you can make things better, we are all powerless in this awful assault and ordeal.
Day at a time.
We hope for small miracles and the one that my daughter would like is the man to cave in and admit what he did.
I wish we had the money to have a lawyer take this on.
Her kidney infection is now under control
This is my day today and that's what blip is about so apology for it not being happy stuff.

It's. Breast cancer awareness month think pink, and get those mamograms done

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