French Italia

By FrenchItalia

BCAM2 Feeling Pink

So one year ago I was recovering from.the end of treatment for Breast cancer and it's true time heals and fatigue almost gone. Settled in to new medication so all is good on this front. So truly moved forward and thanks to going on a moving forward course , meeting some amazing ladies and we are all having lunch together on Saturday! So more pink! Well it's a month of pink! Had you said last year a year on I would feel more myself I could not see it just the next day.

A very cold start to the day and now accepted Autumn is here!! And planted 7 pots of bulbs mainly tulips and Tete a Tete today, very therapeutic.
Will be seeing blippers from NZ and Aus posting spring and summer photos, it's the joy of being part of a global community of capture the moment in that day.


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