By seizetheday


Not many flowers out in the 'yard now - just this rose, a few Japanese anemones and some pansies. Lots of rose hips though, so quite a lot of colour.

One of those days that didn't go to plan!
All went well until I tried to get the washing out of the machine, only to discover the machine stopped mid-program and still full - far too full - of soapy water. Error code 18. Hmmm! Consulted Mr Google, who seemed to think the problem was due to a blockage, so I spent an age draining the machine and then removed a big clump of woolly particles (I blame MrM's socks...). Mr Google was right, thank goodness - problem solved without calling out a repair person, and washing done.

A little later a very nice man delivered our supermarket shopping and, once everything had been put away, I glanced at the receipt. Eeeeek! It was for someone else's shopping, someone with very expensive tastes at that, and was for a HUGE amount of money! More time wasted on the phone to the supermarket, who have assured me that I will be charged only for my order.

Glad to get to Tai Chi this afternoon, for 90 minutes of calm... 

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