Chimney Mill

A full day...

After an early EMDR session (don't ask!), MrM and I set off for Whitley Bay. We need a new door for the 'Music Room', and MrM had found, on the internet, a small firm there which produces wooden doors with stained glass panels. Door on order.

Then on to the nearby Axminster shop to buy some tools and equipment. Or so we thought. Arrived at the retail park to discover that the shop was no longer there. Thank goodness for smartphones! Didn't take long to establish that the shop hadn't closed down; it had just moved to new premises a few miles away. Shop found, and tools purchased.

Next stop Newcastle. The usual car park was full, so we parked on-street quite a long way out of the centre and walked in, passing Chimney Mill on the way. The first 5-sail smock mill in Britain, it was built in 1782, and was wind-powered until 1891. Its sails were removed in 1924. 

Lunch at a well-known store (where we were probably the youngest patrons in the cafe!) before looking for a new winter jacket for MrM. Success.

Then home via Alnwick and the supermarket. We're both shattered...

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