Bird seed

For some unfathomable reason my car had a dizzy spell at 02:30-ish this AM. The alarm went off, the headlights came on and went off repeatedly, the wipers sporadically started and stopped, and the interior light illuminated and then faded off again. I have no belief if some higher force or wayward poltergeists but I have no idea what might have led to the strangeness, there was certainly nobody near the car. I think it's probably related to having the first frost of the autumn but there were no windows or doors open so this shouldn't have gained ingress to the cabin and set off the alarm. Someone suggested that it might be the death rattle of the battery but I went out and tried the car at a decent hour and it started without a hitch. No idea what caused it but wandering around in the middle of the night to stop the car waking up the neighbours isn't conducive to a good night's sleep. I'm rather jaded now and debating with myself whether I can go to bed at 20:30

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