Seeing Red

Sure has been a mixed couple of days for me.

I had my six week appointment with the Specialist at the hospital yesterday about my hand. Apart from my Physio appointment which was to been at 8:40am cancelled the day before ... all went well until my Specialist appointment. After two hours I got seen by a House surgeon. I sure wouldn't like to be seen by her again! I just made it back to the car in time. Any later and I would have had a ticket as my tyre was marked and he was making his rounds again.

When I got home the computer wouldn't open .. my son said to do this and that and no it wouldn't open up. Then this morning my Washing Machine decided it would only let in a dribble of water. It would have taken all day to fill. After a lot of messing around I found the tap was at fault. A bit of RW40 got it moving a bit better. After all of that I thought I would give my computer another go... and yes today it work!  But I couldn't do any work on it as our power was cut for four hours today. And it will be the same next week as they up grade something.

I did mange to get one back blip up from Akaroa if you would like to see it.

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