Back in the Land of Living

I have been in Hospital since Friday after my visit to the A&E on Thursday.

My heart rhythm wouldn't settle down and yesterday, Saturday after signing the documents to have my heart restarted to bring the rthym back to normal... just as they were ready to take me down to the theater, the rhythm came back to a normal, after 60 hours.

This time I didn't have Atrial fibrillation which I normal get but Atrial Flutter. That is why my normal medication wasn't working.

They seem to think I should have a operation for the Fluttering one as it is a successful operation and seeing for the past 15 years I have been getting this trouble I am at a high risk of a stroke. 

I am home now and it is so good. I am still feeling a bit under the weather but so much better than I did. I only took a photo in the house of hellebores flowers I brought back from Akaroa a couple of weeks ago with my phone. As I wasn't feeling up to walking around the garden. 

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