George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Doggedly determined

This is me (George), and they didn't shunt me off to the groomers today - no!  We all did go out together, and we did go to OGH, and then we did go for quite a long walk, up a great long hill, to a railway line and back down again.  But we wasn't giving up, even though it got a bit hot.

When we did get back down the hill again, SHE did take up both back into OGH for a drink of water.  And do you know what that Harry did?  You'll never guess, not in a million years. 

He did put his front paws right in the bowl of water. 

He said his feet were hot, and he needed to cool them down. The water didn't taste too good after that, so she emptied the water out and refilled the bowl.

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