Go on and go free, yeah

I took my pre-work amble to the harbour this morning, smiled at the lazy seals and sat in awe at the light on The Holy Isle.   

I might one day take a trip over there and sit in peace with the Buddhists.  I think it might be useful. 

As I stood taking shots, a fellow visitor to the harbour approached and asked if she was seeing seals.    I used the zoom on my camera to show her the close up of their heads, bobbing like little grey buoys in the water. 

She told me she was heading back to Australia this morning and wanted to take one last look at the view.   She, like me, cannot comprehend why there are not more people just appreciating it. 

Despite the fact the she lives close by some of the best beaches in Australia, her heart was aching that she was leaving.   It took me back to over thirty years ago, while Himself and I were planning to leave.   

Of all the things to consider, the one thing which made me fill up, and topple and wobble, it was the prospect of not having my beach and the sunsets over Arran.  

As things turned out, it wasn't to happen; but we passed on the wanderlust to the kids, and I'm glad they have it all and seeing so much of the world and loving and living every moment. 

As I took my leave and headed to work, we hugged and I wished her well in her journey back to Australia - promised to send her the photos of the seals I had just shot.   Both of us were full of tears.    She because she was leaving; me because I was so sad for her heartache. 

We do live in such a beautiful place and it is so important to appreciate that - and appreciate each other. 

Hug a Stranger.  

Make the world a better place. 

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