By dogwithnobrain

So when you look into these eyes I hope you realiz

Oh dearie me. 

It's that time of the year.   Beer Festival.

We are always just "going to go for a wee while". 

We left the house yesterday at 10 - went to look at cars for 2 hours, and then I went to the Hairdressers. 

When I left the hairdressers  - I don't know when I left actually - because it was busy, and I accommodated everyone by waiting... it might have been 2, it might have been 1.30.  It might have been 2.15  (Himself has just confirmed - because he messaged me).   The two of them had been in for a couple of rounds. 

I found them after a few wanderings - they were sitting next to a couple of chaps but had very courteously saved me a seat. 

Roll forward... several hours... .several pints.. .much meaningful discussions and many, many circuits of the beer hall with Tooli, seeking out potential men. 

Tooli really appreciated my method of walking round and round and then through groups of men.  But not the pointing loudly "This one". 

There was a band on. Little, teeny, boys, Like Busted, but like Stray Cats.   
We decided it was time to leave, when Himself couldn't put any more beer in his mouth. 

We went home via the local  Chinese Take-Away and also the Kebab shop.  Tooli had decided that a Falafel Kebab was all she wanted.  We don't don't anything as sophisticated as falafel in Troon. 

In the Chinese - i vacated and visited the Brownie Hall, and the 24-7 shop next door.  We currently have 3 bags of Monster Munch in the kitchen and a National Enquirer.  I was obviously in a very classy mood last night (circa 1984).

We got home, via a very tolerant taxi driver, ate bits of our take-away (oh heavens I just remembered the "extras" - spare ribs and satay chicken)  - and watched Bohemian Rhapsody. 

And then we hit bed. 

And now we are up.  

In body if not mind.   Tooli is decidedly more delicate than us.   I think this will be a slow day, punctuated by Monster Munches. 

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