By 1bluebell

Crafty hour

The beads and pipe cleaners I ordered from amazon arrived today . I got goi g and made 2 I Indian corn corns for guess who? As she is only 17th months old I will hang on to them for a while
Spoke to my brother this morning who is now off sick. He thought he wasn’t coping with the death of Peter but it turned out he badly burnt his hand at work a couple of weeks back and he thought it was healing. The doctor thought otherwise. It was infected and the nurse said this is why he can’t cope with anything and why he is feeling depressed. So a clean wound, a clean dressing and no doubt antibiotics too and he has 2 weeks off work. He is a chef.

Health blog. Feeling much better today. Guess I will get good days and bad days. Even the headache has more or less gone.

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