A day in the life

By Shelling

Friday sunset

At sunset I realised I didn't have a blip for today. Tomorrow visitors are coming to stay at my place as they are looking at a couple of houses to maybe buy on the island. It's great to have friends staying a couple of days, connecting and sharing news from our respective realities. For their visit, I have to borrow an extra bed from a neighbour, which is what I was doing when the sun set. 

That completed a day of playing and rehearsing for my next concert in a couple of weeks, also time has been spent at my computer, separating old workfiles from more recent files. I passed the bridge to the mainland for a quick visit in Kalmar, picking up a ticket for a concert with one of my all time heroes when it comes to guitar playing and artistry, Georg Wadenius who is playing in one of the cities hotels with a trio. That's going to be a learning experience and a chance to hear some world class music. Interesting day, as a whole. 

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