While on my runs

By waipushrink

Steps up

A quiet day. During which (in preparation for deciding whether or not to continue a subscription to Bipolar Disorders)  I accessed the journal, and was able to access the papers. As my preference is to read them on my iPad, I downloaded the papers that interested me. Only to find that it was only page 1 of each paper. Tried all I could think of. Then S suggested maybe the site was not friendly to iPads. So tried on the MacBook, and found a way to save the paper as a pdf, then Airdrop onto the iPad. 

Just as I finished saving the ones I wanted, I "in error" clicked on full text rather than pdf, and noticed one of the icons that was at the top; for a pdf. Back to the iPad, logged in to the journal and accessed a paper in the "right way", converted it (on my iPad!) to a pdf and was able to save that in its entirety to Books. 

It really was a lot easier in the days of a paper journal. At least I feel like I have ascended a little in my use of the ISBD site.

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