If I can't take my yarn, I'm not going .....

6 months ago my 2 favourite woolly people opened their second yarn shop in Oswestry, the first being in the Market Hall in Shrewsbury,  and today they held a belated shop opening celebration with a present of a project bag filled with goodies for the first 25 customers - I was one of those lucky customers.  My friend L came with me and she too was a lucky customer.  We had coffee and delicious cheese scones, butter and homemade chutney and I got a gold star for my fair isle sheep which are now well and truly running round the bottom of my waistcoat.  

We love the silly mugs on display in the shop, so many of which are very relevant to so many of us woolly people........... Purls before wine!!

Silly mugs for SillySaturday.  Thanks to admirer for hosting.

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